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* All you need to know about the grading system: English version

* What is plagiarism? What is acceptable, what is not? Guidelines

* Schedule your courses efficiently: Bilkent IEEE Scheduler

* Access the weekly schedule of your instructor (Developed by Çağdaş Öztekin)

* A calendar ready to print including special dates for the Academic Year: ASCU Calendar
(Note: The Academic Calendar may be subject to change after this calendar was prepared, always check dates here)

* A good seminar on "time management" by Randy Pausch: Visual Material on Time Management

Some Practical Tips

How can I see which courses are "Electives" for my Department?
Go to, get the main page. Choose Academic Units. Find your department and click on Curriculum. Go to the bottom of the page. You will see the elective type with a link to List Courses. This list shows the courses your department accepts as this type of elective.
Choose an elective for which you plan to study and get a high grade. Read the tip below on "repeating elective courses". Don't forget that not every course is offered every semester.

I took XXX100 as elective last semester and got a D. Can I take another course to replace this one this semester?
Rules for repeating electives are as follows:
* You can repeat the same course
* You can take another course in the same elective group provided that you have completed all electives in this group
Example: The curriculum for Department X requires you take 2 "Technical Electives". You took XXX100 as Technical Elective 1. You want to take a different course in order to repeat XXX100. First you must take Technical Elective 2, then you may go back and take a different course to replace XXX100 which you took as Technical Elective 1.
* Let's say you took XXX100 as Technical Elective 1 and YYY100 as Technical Elective 2. Now you can take another course to repeat XXX100. However:
i) This will be considered a New Course! If your status is Probation or Unsatisfactory, where new courses you may take are limited, you may not be able to take this course, even if it is a replacement for a course previously taken.
ii) If your status is Satisfactory, you may only repeat courses of the last 2 semesters. You will need to check whether XXX100 falls within this range.

I took XXX100 as elective last semester but I withdrew. Can I take another course to replace this one this semester?
Since when you withdraw a course, it is as if you didn't take it, the elective repetition rules in the previous example do not apply. You can take another course to for this elective group, you don't have to take XXX100 again. However, if you took XXX100 before last semester and you have a valid grade (A-F) and last semester you were repeating this course before you withdrew, then rules above will apply.

I took ZZZ100 last year and got FZ. I took this course again last semester but Withdrew. Now is this course a New Course for me?
No. A course with W is considered as a New Course as of the 2016 - 2017 Academic Year. However, you took this course once before the W. When you Withdraw from a course, the previous grade is valid. Therefore, your grade for this course is now FZ, and so ZZZ100 is not a new course for you.

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