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Who are we?
The Academic Student Coordination Unit is unique to the Faculty of Engineering at Bilkent. We are the point to seek when you need advice on your academic studies especially during your first year.   

How can we help?
The high academic standard required by Bilkent University may sometimes challenge students who are not used to the system where your performance expected to be based on research and creativity.

Perhaps this is the first time you will be away from your friends and family in a town and culture you are not used to. You may be challenged by those many questions you have in your mind and do not know where to turn for the answers. You may be finding teaching methods and what is expected of you for homeworks, projects and exams, very different from what it was like back in high school.

You may be searching for an atmosphere easy to access where you can go ahead and ask all those questions you have in your mind and get advice.

And this is where we come in. We are here to approach any question with the student’s point of view in mind, guiding the student in the right direction to the solution to his/her problem within the rules and regulations.

When should you see us?

          If you do not feel you are doing well enough in your courses and particularly if you are unsuccessful no matter how hard you try

          If you want to do better even though you are doing reasonably well

          If you have questions concerning your studies or university life in general

          If you need information on rules and regulations applicable for any situation

we ask you to come to us without delay.

We are sure that especially during your first few weeks here you will have many questions you would like to ask. We are here to help. You may visit our offices, you may contact us by e-mail or telephone. You can find your point of contact below, according to your department. You may also visit our website and see what else we do.

Don’t forget, there exists no question which is “stupid”. There only exist questions that “grow because they remain unanswered”. 


Computer Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Berrin Keyik Çelik

0312 290 3385

Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Nermin Fenmen

0312 290 5302


Rektorate Building 5th Floor, 508 – 506


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