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Tutors and Graders  

The tutor/grader program aims to help the first-year students taking a particular course through the experience and knowledge of more senior students (the tutor/graders) who had taken the course earlier. The tutor/graders are expected to be good role models for these first-year students.

Tutors and graders are recruited for the following courses upon demand, at the beginning of each semester:
MATH 101
MATH 102
MATH 225

Check out the list announced at the beginning of the semester to see which of these courses require tutors and/or graders for the semester.

The applicants should satisfy the requirements of the ÷«P (÷ğrenci «alışma Programı) application criteria. Therefore, applicants must:
-        be a Turkish citizen
-        have followed the academic program within their department for at least one academic year
-        have a CGPA of at least 2.00
-        not have been charged with violation of students code of conduct
-        not be on leave, extended study or exchange program for that semester.

Please note that you may only work for one unit/position/department within ÷«P. If you are at present working for ÷«P within another unit/department, you may apply to transfer to the Faculty of Engineering. However, constraints may apply on the total amount to be paid to such applicants. Contact us for more information or any questions you may have.

Step 1: Completing the Application

All who wish to become tutor/graders are required to visit the ASCU web site and fill in the application form(s) for the course they wish to tutor/grader. The deadline for applications is announced at the beginning of each semester on this website.

Step 2: Application Review

Applications are reviewed when the period is over. The Academic Student Coordinators review all applications and consult with the relevant faculty at the departments, if necessary.

Step 3: Selection  and Notification

Academic Coordinators contact the selected tutor/graders via e-mail. The tutor/graders who are hired must come to the ASCU office at EA506 - 508 to confirm their duties and get their attendance cards.


Experience: Being able to help other people develop is an important asset, and is valued in all types of work environments. It involves patience, social interaction and good human relations. You will be surprised how much your knowledge and skills will develop through your tutoring/grading experience.

Academic Reference: Your experience as a tutor/grader will be respected by all prospective employers. Especially those students who are interested in following an academic career would have some solid documentation of their teaching abilities, and faculty members who are filling in forms of recommendation would make use of this information as well. The tutor/graders that attend all the sessions (whenever there is an impossibility to hold the session, by compensating it in another suitable moment) may ask for a ďthank you letterĒ from the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. It is up to the Dean and the ASCU office to grant this letter depending on the tutoring/grading experience.

Payment: The tutors/graders will be paid a fixed base salary in the middle of the semester and additional amounts will be paid at the end of the academic semester depending on the workload registered on tutor/grader information cards. It is strictly required that the workload registries be signed at the time of attendance to a certain duty. In the case of inappropriate use of these cards, payments will be cancelled and tutor/grader contract will be terminated. For details about the payment system you can contact ASCU.

Prerequisites to Become a tutor/grader

▪ You should have earned at least B- (or better) in the same (or comparable) course that you wish to tutor/grader in, and should have a reasonable cumulative GPA to prove that your academic situation will not be deteriorated.

▪ You should be well qualified to communicate your knowledge in the field to first-year students.

▪ You should be well qualified in terms of personal communication with people.

▪ Experience on the same or a similar practice is an asset.

Responsibilities of tutor/graders are

▪ To attend all the scheduled tutorial hours.

▪ To arrive at the tutorial class on time.

▪ To be well prepared prior to a tutorial session.  

▪ To keep up with the classes of the course being tutored by studying the course textbook, and sometimes attending the lectures.

▪ To contact with the course instructors weekly.  Contact hours can be determined by personal communication with the instructors.

▪ To contact with the academic coordinators regularly to give feedback about studentsí participation in the tutorials.

▪ To notify the coordinators at least two days in advance in case of any inability to attend a tutorial session. Otherwise is not accepted.

▪ To have the tutor/grader-attendance cards signed by the relevant course instructor or the teaching assistant on the day of attendance to a particular session.

▪ To get the tutor/grader-attendance cards checked by the academic coordinators prior to the monthly payments and whenever there is an announcement. tutor/graders who do not show their signed attendance cards will not be paid.


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